DOWNLOAD Logics of Worlds is the sequel to Alain Badiou’s much-heralded masterpiece, Being and Event. Tackling the questions that had. Villanova New Encounters in French and Italian Thought (Dr. Brian A. Smith, University of Dundee) The Life of the Individual in Badiou’s Logics of Worlds. LOGICS OF WORLDS. Page 1. Page 2. Also available from Continuum: Being and Event, Alain Badiou Conditions, Alain Badiou Infinite Thought.

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Necessary for the recovery of points is the Axiom of Choice, or principals that are equivalent to it. The analogy here is to the sort of political revolution in which as an old Marxist motto runs “we who are nothing shall be all! Lakatos speculates that the “secrets” of the ancient Greeks had primarily to do with the method of analysis. Email required Address never made public.

An exception both to the axioms of the multiple and to the transcendental constitution of objects and relations. Open Preview See a Problem?

Logics of Worlds: Being and Event II: Alain Badiou: Bloomsbury Academic

Just as the almost deductive structure of Being and Event paralleled the argumentation, here when Badiou compares the book to a world, we know he is not exaggerating. Most significantly for Badiou’s project, however, it is also possible to use a special kind of categorical structures, known as topoito model logical ones; for instance, we can use topos theory to model algebraically all of the axioms and relations of standard, classical propositional logic.

By grasping the concepts, we can then also understand that mathematics is philosophical in its nature, although it is of a different kind. Kant’s genius lay in realizing the synthetic nature of phenomenon. These are, remember, not appearances-to-a-subject or even appearances as structured or determined by conventional decision or by a contingent language community, but rather “objective” appearings to no one in particular, nevertheless rigidly disjoined from the “ontological” reality of things as they are in themselves.

He’s hunting big game here, Short first thoughts: Having sublimated the formalisms of mathematics into philosophical thought, Badiou would introduce to us a more specific and thus generalized logic on which to understand the various collections and connections we witness in our everyday lives. Professions like attorneys and architects are gatekeepers to officiated activity, activity which is inflated because of the formalism of capitalism Although our everyday struggles, for better conditions of work and pay, cannot create the conditions for a revolution to happen, they do not change the material base of our condition, but they do change our relation to this base.


Thus the punctual articulation of a Truth by means of an evental break with a given situation is always partial, and liable to be taken up again, even after a lapse of centuries or millennia, through the renewal of a faithful tracing of the consequences of a subsequent Event by the agency of what Badiou terms the “subject” pp.

What is weak about Badiou however, is that he adds little content to a situation.

Logics of Worlds

He continues to teach a popular seminar at the Coll Alain Badiou, Ph. This leads to the second large question about the success of the project of Logics of Worldsthis time a question that also bears on the success of the earlier Being and Event. John rated it really liked it Feb 09, Drawing on remarkable new developments in logic and mathematics, Logics of Worlds treats the ancient problem of the relation between being and appearance in a radically innovative way.

The phenomenal worlds in which we experience our life as individuals can reflect accurately their material, ontological, base.

While he dismisses Kant in this book, he misses Kant’s greater understanding. Since the publication of his magisterial Being and Eventwe have been impatient to see what could not be foreseen: And sometimes I tend to sympathize with my colleagues who focus on analytic philosophy and their complaint though it’s not always fair that most continental philosophy is just psychobabble designed to seem profound and trick people into lauding it as the new philosophy. Badiou’s rejection of Deleuzian immanence is contradictory to his attempt to accept a pure Transcendental qua Eternal Truth.


Without going into detail, the postulate of materialism states that for every ontological multiple that appears in a phenomenological world, all of the elements of that multiple also appear as atoms basic elements of appearance, and that all such atoms of appearance in a world are, likewise, linked to a unique element of an ontological multiple.

The various different situations provide little input as to the method of the formalization, although the success of the formalization requires a method of atomization — “chunking”. To a certain extent, the successes of the trade unions represent superficial changes, changes that have no ultimate consequences at the level of the relations of loglcs and the productive forces, but these changes do have a real effect on the lives of individuals, transforming the relationship between the base and superstructure by transforming the ISAs.


Trained as a mathematician, Alain Badiou is one of the most original French philosophers today. Follow SubSense on WordPress. Logics of Worlds delivers lobics powerful theory of the uncanny appearance sorlds truths; a rigorous polemic lohics the tedious nominalist-historicist materialism of our day; and a phenomenology every bit as impressive as Badiou’s justly celebrated ontology.

In doing so, it answers one of the main questions posed by critics of Badiou’s earlier work – that it lacked an adequately situated and nuanced understanding of the processes that lend any given situation its distinctive structure or shape. Instead, Badiou’s relationships of structuration of appearance are explicitly objectivedetermining without exception what can be understood to “exist” in a particular world, and what remains “inexistent” or invisible within its own particular way of structuring its phenomena pp.

Unafraid to resurrect and reinvent the classical themes of philosophy, Badiou gives new meaning to concepts such as object, body and relation, mobilising them in arresting studies that range from the architectural planning of Brasilia to contemporary astronomy, and confronting himself with towering philosophical counterparts Leibniz, Kant, Hegel, Kierkegaard, Lacan, Deleuze. The specific day-to-day struggle for specific bread-and-butter demands has value in itself, distinct from these overarching political themes.

What is not discussed is the possibility of transforming an atonic world into a tensed world, or simply changing the relation between the transcendental world of appearance and its ontological base. I changed my approach and didn’t resign to my lack of understanding and painstakingly pursued each proof in laborious detail to make sure that every sentence was understood.

One breaks down a situation into constituent atoms and then patches those atoms back together to come up with a composite world. For Badiou the Axiom of Choice is the mathematical idea of intervention. Jun 20, Chris rated it it was amazing.

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