E/ECE/ Rev.1/Add/Rev.2 E/ECE/TRANS/ Regulation No. 43 page 4 CONTENTS (continued) Annex 3 Annex 4 Annex 5 Annex 6 Annex 7 Annex 8. Mr. Masaru Morikawa, General Safety Subcommittee, JASIC. – Safety Glass Testing according to ECE R Mr. Pham Minh Thanh. E/ECE/TRANS/) November 2, STATUS OF UNITED NATIONS REGULATION ECE UNIFORM PROVISIONS CONCERNING THE APPROVAL.

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The nature of the toughening process thermal or chemical ; 1.

Automotive Glass Testing in Compliance with ECE R43 | WO | TÜV Rheinland

Other secondary characteristics Polished plate glass Float glass Sheet glass 1 1 2 No other secondary characteristics are involved. The deceleration curve of the drop height of mm shall run at least 1. Special treatment of plastic: Equipment ecw calibrate the phantom head The drop appliance shall allow drop heights between 50mm and mm to be adjusted exactly to within 1mm. The nominal thickness of the interlayer or interlayers, 1.

The deionized water used in the ec cycle shall contain less than 1ppm silicon dioxide solids and shall leave no permanent deposit or residue on the test specimens which would interfere with subsequent measurements.

One cycle of 3kg sand drop shall be performed while the turntable is rotating. Slight deviations from the requirements may be allowed in the ecd Test Area B according to Paragraph 2. If the requirements given in Paragraph 3.

The light transmittance measured according to Annex 3, Paragraph 9. Sample holder, consisting of two U-shaped metal plates or frames of corrosion-proof material.

In the case of eve windscreens, no measurements shall be made in a strip 35mm from the edge of the windscreen, which is adjacent to the dividing, pillar.

Interpretation of Results A set of four samples, not being the ones mentioned in Paragraph 6.

ECE R 43 DOT Approvals

A windscreen submitted for approval shall be considered satisfactory ede the point of view exe fragmentation if at least one of the following conditions is fulfilled: Fragments of elongated shape shall be allowed in Zone FII as a whole, provided they do not exceed 10cm in length, except in the case provided for in Paragraph 2. For vehicles of Category Mthe centre of the rectangle shall be situated within a circle having a radius ede 10cm centred on the projection of the middle of segment V V.


The height of drop shall be 1. A test shall be deemed to have given a satisfactory result if fragmentation satisfies the following conditions: For a trailer, when the trailer is coupled to a towing vehicle in the condition described in Paragraph 2.

Visibility zone of varying fragmentation, always including a rectangular part at least r34 high and 50m long; 2. Dimensions in mm Key 1 Sheet of cardboard 2 Spray pattern Figure 9 View A of Spray Pattern Furthermore perform a trial run without a test panel, carrying out 10 washing operations 10 double passesto distribute the suspension evenly in the apparatus. Peripheral zone of fine fragmentation, at least 7cm wide, all round the edge of the windscreen and including an outer strip 2cm wide not subjected to assessment; 2.

The cross-cut test shall be considered to have given a satisfactory result if at least the cross-cut value Gt1 is met. Then align using a spirit level the base plate where later the sample box will be placed and the wiper carriage assembly.

Measure, according to Paragraph 4. The tests shall take place immediately after the test pieces are taken out of the receptacle in which they were stored.

VW T25 Opening Quarter Light Glass LHS Ece-r43 E37 C9065

Samples shall be taken in the same way from finished products when the shape of the product so permits. For vehicles of Category Mthe centre of the rectangle shall be inside a circle having a radius of 10cm d43 on the projection of the middle of segment V -V.

Xenon arc filters shall be replaced according to the recommendations of the equipment manufacturer. Sample Pre-treatment Before testing the samples shall be cleaned using a soft cloth soaked with isopropanol followed by deionized water and drying.

For the purpose of approval a set of samples will be considered satisfactory if all samples give satisfactory results. At the discretion of the vehicle manufacturer, one ecf the two following Paragraphs may apply: Is found to be the smallest, the following tests shall be carried out: Along with inspections and test services that comply with United Nations ECE Regulation 43 and other industrial standards for automotive glass products, our experts offer glass manufacturers the following services:.

  ISO 8980-3 PDF

Nature of the material polished plate glass, float glass, sheet glass ; 1.

It does not apply to armoured vehicles as defined hereunder in Paragraph 2. Burnt distance is the part of the sample destroyed, on the surface or inside, by burning. The competent authority which has granted an extension of approval shall enter a serial number on each communication eve extension. Confirmation or refusal of approval or extension of approval shall be communicated by the procedure specified in Paragraph 5.

Fragmentation Test Exe purpose of this test is: If the sum of the numbers assigned to the windscreen newly incorporated among the efe largest or the five smallest windscreens 9. The ASS reference hard-coated samples shall be supplied with a certificate of analysis of manufacturing quality for coating thicknesses, cure time and cure temperature. Indices of difficulty and test method The requirements of Annex 3, Paragraph With the ecf trap in position, without the test piece, the axis of cee irradiating beam shall pass through the centres of the entrance and exit ports.

Three kilograms of sand shall be used. A set of test pieces submitted for approval shall be considered satisfactory from the point of view of the resistance to simulated weathering if all test pieces give satisfactory results. The plane of the test piece shall be substantially perpendicular to the incident direction of the weight. Number of Test Pieces Four test pieces from the smallest-developed-area series and four samples from the largest-developed-area series selected in accordance with the provisions of Annex 13, shall be tested.

Colouring of the plastic product: No bubbles or other visible decompositions, discolorations, milkiness or crazing shall occur during weathering. The pins also serve as measuring points at the beginning and end of the burning distance.