Cuba’s revolutionary leader Fidel Castro has died aged To celebrate the life of this remarkable figure in history, we present a selection from. On trial in Santiago for leading a bloody assault on the city’s Moncada garrison, young revolutionary leader Fidel Castro uttered a phrase in court that would. Fidel Castro: “History Will Absolve Me”. Excerpts from his own defense, delivered at his trial, October Fidel Castro in ; We have fomented a rebellion.

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To the people whose desperate roads through life have been paved with the bricks of betrayals and false promises, we were not going to say: History Will Absolve Me: Will history really absolve him? Many decent military men are now asking themselves what need that Armed Forces had to absopve the tremendous historical responsibility of destroying our Constitution merely to put a group of immoral men in power, men of bad reputation, corrupt, politically degenerate beyond redemption, who could never again have occupied a political post had it not been at bayonet-point; and they weren’t even the ones with the bayonets catsro their hands Castro didn’t make this speech in public so it can’t be the loud body language that dictators think Hitler are famous for making in their speeches which moved people.

Ten days after July 26th, a newspaper in this city printed the news that two young men had been found hanged on the road from Manzanillo to Bayamo.

History Will Absolve Me by Fidel Castro

Without telling anyone, Code in one hand and a deposition in the other, that citizen went to the old city building, that old building which housed the Court competent and under obligation to bring cause against and punish those responsible for this deed. Never was a group of armed men more generous to the adversary.

And the then tyrant, Batista, was in fact cruel. The demagogues and professional politicians who manage to perform the miracle of being right in everything and in pleasing everyone, are, of necessity, deceiving anyone about everything. Santiago thought our attack was only a local disturbance between two factions of soldiers; not until many hours later did they realize what had really happened. He has limited himself to reading Article of the Social Defense Code.

To justify his treacherous coup of March 10th, he concocted stories about a fictitious uprising in the Army, supposedly scheduled to take place in April, and which he ‘wanted to avert so that the Republic might not be drenched in blood.

In the words of a South American liberator: This stupid alibi was invented so they could physically eliminate me and pretend I had tried to escape.

History Will Absolve Me

Later, all of the wounded Army soldiers filed by and it was discovered that none of them had been wounded at Siboney. Be the first to ask a question about History Will Absolve Me. Let me tell you a story. Castro based his case on the illegality of the Batista regime and the inherent right of the citizen to rebel against what he perceived to be an illegal government.


Castro turned to Russia for aid, and having a nuclear enemy in their neighbor added incentive of paranoia to financial incentive for US government and hence the history. There they were hunted down as prey pursued by vultures. When we speak of the people we are not talking about those who live in comfort, the conservative elements of the nation, who welcome any repressive regime, any dictatorship, any despotism, prostrating themselves before the masters of the moment until they grind their foreheads into the ground.

I insisted and he finally said twenty-one.

On the other hand, today possibilities of taking electricity to the most isolated areas on the island are greater than ever. Half of them are dead, and in tribute to their memory I can say that although they were not military experts they had enough patriotism to have given, had we not been at such a great disadvantage, a good beating to that entire lot of generals together, those generals of the 10th of March who are neither soldiers nor patriots.

The second session convened on Tuesday, September 22nd. I know that I will be silenced for many years; I know that the regime will try to suppress the truth by all possible means; I know that there will be a conspiracy to bury me in oblivion. You are signed up.

‘History will absolve me’ — memorable quotes from Fidel Castro over five decades

He presented a writ denouncing the crimes and asking that Fulgencio Batista and his seventeen accomplices be sentenced to years in prison as decreed by the Social Defense Code; considering also aggravating circumstances of secondary offense treachery, and acting under cover of night.

What great shame the people have been forced to endure so that a small group of egoists, altogether indifferent to the needs of their homeland, may find in public life abslve easy and comfortable modus vivendi.

I beg you to keep that circumstance well in mind.

Days and months passed by. Touch my heart with your cold hands! Everything follows the same absurd logic; if we don’t have one thing we can’t have the other. This country blindly believed that such a past could not return; the people were proud of their love of liberty and they carried their heads high in the conviction that liberty would be respected as a sacred right; they felt confident that no one would dare commit the crime of violating their democratic institutions.

Another popular option is enemy country – Castdo presidents catsro experts at this one, attacking and thus creating a new enemy to protect their presidentship.


In Castro proclaimed the socialist nature of his administration, with Cuba becoming a one-party state under Communist Party rule; the first of its kind in the western hemisphere. Guys like Hitler used minorities. Leisure and Cultural Services Department.

Later this man didn’t have the slightest qualms in bragging about his unspeakable deeds. The reader needs prior understanding of the history of Cuba such as the Cuban war of independance and the Batista regime. Was this not to be the videl of public order, peace and respect for human life? Is it or is it not legitimate to struggle against this regime? We shall see the fate they met and how Batista sought to punish the heroism of our youth.

This book was written by a revolutio What reads as a young revolutionary lawyer’s closing arguments in defense of himself, also serves as documentation of the battle of Moncada, the political atmosphere of Cuba leading up wkll the countries most recent revolution, and as Fidel Castro’s personal manifesto.

Days and months passed. Finally, a castgo government would undertake the integral reform of the educational system, bringing it into line with the projects just mentioned with the idea of educating those generations which will have the privilege of living in a happier land. We have here the casualty lists from the bitter xastro sustained by the invasion troops in the war ofboth in battles where the Cuban army was defeated and where it was victorious.

‘History will absolve me’: Fidel Castro in his own words | South China Morning Post

We have the same situation here: The only civilians admitted here have been two attorneys and six reporters, in whose newspapers the censorship of the press will prevent printing a word Em say. But I did not want to use them although our situation was desperate. A large section, though, of his speech was as to how the tyranny mee Batista was anti-constitutional. The Army suffered three times as asolve casualties as we did.

It was known that Barriguilla had plundered and murdered, that he was a millionaire, that he owned in Havana a good many apartment houses, countless stock in foreign companies, fabulous accounts in American banks, that he agreed to divorce settlements to the tune of eighteen million pesos, that he was a frequent guest in the most lavishly expensive hotels for Yankee tycoons. We planned to continue the struggle in the mountains in case the attack on the regiment failed.

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