ALESIS D4 Reference Manual CHAPTER 1 – INTRODUCTION 51 CHAPTER 1: INTRODUCTION Thank you for purchasing the Alesis D4 Drum Sound. At Alesis, while our products range from keyboards, synthesizers, hard disk recorders, iPod recording and playback devices, electronic drums, mixers, signal . Get free software by registering your Alesis products.

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Note that any notes generated by the D4 would be recorded into the sequencer as manyal. It was one of the aspects of the a,esis I was anticipating being the most difficult to review, but I was wrong.

Each time the bass player “pops” a string, the vibration triggers the tom 1 pad. There are eight separate curve tables, 0 through 7. You’re severely restricted on programming, but there are so many sounds that you should always be alesiss to find something to fit the bill.

It’s worth noting that pitchbend only affects sounds before they’re triggered. If the disk is not formatted, insert it in the drive and press the DD Format switch. An excellent text for those just getting started with MIDI, synthesis, and related topics.

Remember that recalling a Drum Set overwrites the edit buffer manuzl. For this scenario lets use the bass as the reason the surrounding noise level is making proper triggering difficult.

Full text of “Alesis D4 Owners Manual”

Adjust the balance between the two in the mix, or fade the percussion in and out independently of the trap drum sounds.


The display will read out the note name and MIDI number. If the fifth page is showing and you press the MIDI button again, it will revert to the first page. However, these can also serve as individual outputs if you pan a single sound hard left or hard right so that it appears over only one output.

Essentially they all appear to be useful sounds. The accompanying chart included with the D4 shows the names of all available drum sounds.

Finally, return to the MIX page and reset the volume of the snare pad to it’s original level. With the gain set too low, soft hits may never be recognized. Where this doesn’t offer much of an improvement in the use of most synth or sample expanders, the D4’s operation is simple enough for the most part to be quite intuitive.

Would like to kno This Drum Set has not been edited. When selecting lower values, very soft signals hits will trigger the D4. And, strangely enough, this is where the Single setting comes into its own. Whenever possible, try to aim them so they are not facing directly towards your set up. Turn the Data wheel to select the desired level of crosstalk suppression necessary to stop the problem aleis from triggering.

Useless, that is, if you’re a confirmed sticks-n-skins drummer.

Before electronics, music was expressed exclusively as written symbols. The fifth Trigger page shows the MIDI note number that the footswitch will trigger when it is pressed. Sometimes hitting one pad will cause a nearby pad to false trigger or “crosstalk”. This will give manula hi hat a realistic closing sound, as opposed to an abrupt switch from an open sound to a closed sound. One easy way to remedy an interaction problem is to “silence” the pad s which manua, not “false triggering”.


With certain pads it may not be necessary to adjust this parameter.

Alesis D4 Manuals

With the gain set too high, you may experience false, or double triggering. My friend s think this sound is from the Alesis Quadrasynth series and once again, not QS I’ve heard alesix sound somewhere and I want Tap the Preview button to hear the sound shown on the LCD. Stereo with Fixed Placement: However, there is much more to the D4. For average play hits ranging from very soft to very hard this curve gives you the full range alesiss sensitivity which corresponds to MIDI velocities 1 nanual 1 A cursor underline will appear under whichever parameter is ready to be edited.

Then it picks up on the page you were last working on. Other articles featuring gear in this article: However, drums can be assigned to special groups so that special drum characteristics can be created such as closed hihats cutting off open hihat sounds, etc.

This makes it easy to change the same parameter for all drums; call up the editing function voice, tune, mix, etc.