Alexander Dolgun’s Story has ratings and 35 reviews. Matt said: I read this book long ago yet just ran into it again and thought to list it here. The. Alexander Dolgun was a U.S. citizen working as a junior employee of the American Embassy in Moscow when he was arrested in and charged with being. In he wrote a book, ”Alexander Dolgun’s Story: An American in the Gulag,” detailing his arrest by Stalin’s security police in and.

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We learn fairly young that there are bad things that happen that couldn’t have been prevented and you just pick up the pieces and keep going. He was survived by his wife and son. Absolutely the greatest One of the greatest stories of personnal triumph I have ever read. I think many, myself included, might have “blanked out” a lot just for self-preservation. Sep 12, Ben rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: He survived several months of intense torture and was one of a very few who survived the prison with their sanity intact, using tactics such as measuring various distances alexancer his cell as well as distances he covered walking; he estimated that in his time there, the distance he covered walking was enough to take him from Moscow across Europe and halfway across the Atlantic Ocean.

At any rate, some details of that book I’ve never forgotten; especially those details p I recall reading this book enroute alexnader Ramstein AFB. I am amazed by this mans will to survive.

Alexander Dolgun’s Story: An American in the Gulag by Alexander Dolgun

Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. The true story of an American embassy employee in Russia, who was accused of spying, tried, convicted and sentence, and spent eight years in the Gulag.


Keep in mind – that it was a long flight. His whereabouts were known by Truman, Eisenhower and the US government, but they did nothing for fear of Dolun authorities further harming Dolgun due to fragile US-Soviet relations. He describes his monstrous guard Sidorov with almost loving detail. Dolgun’s story unique, is that he is an American when he is kidnapped and falsely accused of spying.

I have read four or five books on the gulag and this is one of my favorites.

Alexander Dolgun’s Story: An American in the Gulag

Feb 08, Tomi rated it really liked it. I’m not a big history buff but I truly appreciate the insight into colgun part of history and the impressive story of an impressive individual. Ah ye I read this book long ago yet just ran into it again and thought to list it here. Dolgun was finally given a year sentence in the Gulag, the network of prisoner work camps scattered throughout the Soviet Union. Mar 05, Douglas White rated it it was amazing.

Maybe it’s the kind of words he uses that are unique in tone to American understanding, I’m not sure, but when I read the book, the light bulb went on over my head. What I do know is that I was totally engrossed in the story; enough so that I had finished the book by the time we landed. Other anecdotes are more disheartening, like the Catch he found himself in where finding a place to live after he was released was concerned.

We all grow up learning about the horrors of the Holocaust, but we never learn about the crimes and horrors exacted on the people of the Soviet Union during Stalin’s reign and after. A truly troubling look at the horror of what was Stalinist Russia. Feb 26, Diane Wachter rated it really liked it Shelves: Russian government had such an interesting way of thinking, to say the least.

Well written, but quite depressing. Jul 21, Tom rated it really liked it. Communication between prisoners was strictly monitored.


The story is told with a rich, expansive clarity. Heartbreaking and enraging, with a plot worthy of an epic movie. Alexander Dolgun was a U. A favorite was 13 Rue Madeleine, a story of commandos and the Gestapo and parachuting into occupied France.

I absolutely loved this book.

alexander dolgun Archives * Mikael Strandberg

Dolgun dlogun not serve at Kengirdplgun at a camp nearby. Intriguing story of survival, courage, and determination to survive. An American in the Gulagco-written with Patrick Watsonwhich recounted his Gulag experience in detail. He pulled out the steel reinforcing shank and put the shoes back on the floor, the soles flapping. Then he picked up my shoes and went at the soles with his knife. Since reading it I have given a lot more attention to documentaries on tv that I might have previously passed by.

I found myself wondering what he was like in the few years he lived in the US before his death, after spending all his formative years in hell, but his narrative ends with his release from the USSR. What follows are almost unbelievable horrors alecander torture and eventually exile to the pr Picked this book up because it was mentioned dolguun a newsletter I get. I read this book about 30 years ago and have thought of it often. A personal description like Solzy. Humes, Dolgun managed to get an exit visa and relocated to RockvilleMaryland.

I especially liked the anecdote about how a coffee bean shipment was accidentally delivered to his camp and tossed out in the garbage because no one knew what roasted beans looked like. I had to read it from start to end; spent a full Sunday just reading it.