Bastet is the first of the Breedbook series: sourcebooks about the other Changing Breeds of Werewolf: The Apocalypse — in this case, the Bastet: werecats. Bastet: The Players Guide to Werecats for Werewolf: The Apocalypse Changing Breed Book 1. by Phil Brucato with Bill Bridges and Richard Dansky. White Wolf. This Page is automatically generated based on what Facebook users are interested in, and not affiliated with or endorsed by anyone associated with the topic.

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List of Werewolf: The Apocalypse books – Wikipedia

I agree with your thoughts on Ahadi. What breedbkok a lexicon? When are they allowed to spend Rage and for what purpose. And how come Beast Courts in other lands do just fine? Wikipedia articles in need of updating from May All Wikipedia articles in need of updating.

I love the idea of the W20 to feel like the early days, breedboook a lot of what WW did back then was breedbopk AWESOME, and to my mind much more heartfelt, cultural deep and artistic than anything in 3rd ed. Is there a way for the Ahadi to exist at the same time as Black Tooth to be an opposition for him?

Well, to be honest Torakhan, I indeed knew nothing of this. The notion that the Bastet have these super-secret, ultra-dangerous secrets that they have to guard.

All the Changing Breeds were created to aid Gaia in some way, with a specific if general purpose. You can still use the Hengeyokai as savage, shape-shifting monsters. The argument could be made beedbook way, and likely successfully so on both accounts and a decision just has to be made.

I agree that there seemed to be a little bit of a stretch in places where sometimes it was suggested that different groups had friendlier relations to some groups than others Corax and Shadow Lords seem like they might have some connection there too, what abstet their Storm Crows and allbut I really would like to see that animosity and dis-trust being a strong force when playing, or meeting up with Fera.


And lastly fix Ceilican, their current and previous iterations are pretty much unplayable except as greedbook.

Bastet White Wolf Werewolf Ww The Apocalypse Changing Breed Book 1 | eBay

Also… Fera Around the World at 4, words? There were no restrictions listed about the use of Fetish weapons, even for the Hakken. Wow, never saw a whole line of argumentation dismissed by a R.

I am a Bubasti Mystic. They missed the registration deadline.

Why did she make sure they could live forever, at the expense of being able to heal quickly, like the others? The Apocalypse Stew – September 5th,6: Depending on how important Stew thinks the whole African Zoo stuff was to the setting of Werewolf: For those that dont understand things like Sohkto and such. The full suite of books have now been released. In my opinion, such events should be meta-canon. Moving back to Black Tooth makes Africa pretty shallow to play in, as it forces the players into a single type of campaign players against Black Tooth tyranny.

And what if I wanted to run a campaign before stinking Black Tooth? Then, why are they only in the Far East? But jokes and bell peppers aside, 2ed had lots of story problems.

But it would be nice to have sidebars regarding the revised edition development, especially the Ahadi stuff. This results in Swara, for example, having ridiculous Dexterity modifiers in their non-homid forms. Please mention them, WW. At the end of the outline breerbook says there is a section on the lost breeds, gotta say, really looking forward to this part in particular.


List of Werewolf: The Apocalypse books

The other problem with Black Tooth: Pinnacle Entertainment released three instalments of its Dime Novel series set in the world of its roleplaying game Deadlandsthat contained a single crossover story with Werewolf: By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Very happy to hear this. Did White Wolf know that the University of California at Berkeley moved a bunch of spotted hyenas before that date into California for study? This is a good point.

This page was last edited on 9 Julyat Because they are supposed to have homids, and they refuse. Many of the main characters in those novels are considered signature characters of the game line.

It also gave Africa a needed leg-up, giving players from there a chance to see their continent treated with respect. Changing Breeds is the first of those books. If they have to continue to exist PGttCB never mentioned them then change them to complicated riddles which a Bastet must advance in knowledge, experience, and understanding rank, gnosis to understand.

WtA – Breedbook Bastet

I am strange and mysterious. It said no Common Gold Claws Gift existed. Full-on religious devotion breedboik the wyrm, vs simply being overly influenced by it. In the Rokea book, their genesis and origin story makes little to no sense outside the ocean. Without knowing the authors intent the demise of Blacktooth may still have happened.