Tube BY or Röhre BY ID, Solid-State-Diode, Wires and Power- supply shown. Radio tubes are valves. BY from American Microsemiconductor, Inc.. Find the PDF Datasheet, Specifications and Distributor Information. Description: Rectifier Diode. Download. Semiconductors, trsansistors, diodes, IC’s BY/ NTE Equvilent NTE RECTIFIER SILICON V PRV IF=2A DO CASE NTE Data Sheet.

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Also disadvantageously, Verma’s disclosed system requires use of machine-readable utility meters, and cannot automatically acquire and process reading data from non-machine-readable utility meters. Host processor may then transmit to the controller a number of predetermined inquiry signals for generating predetermined responses by the failed controller for verifying in a manner similar to that used by the controller signaling the failure condition to the host processor whether the failed controller has in fact failed, or whether other conditions exist which have given rise to signaling of the failure condition to the host processor e.

BY , Tube BY; Röhre BY ID, Solid-State-Diode

After being translated into the data format appropriate for storage in the databasethe image data and associated scanner identifying information are then transmitted to the database which stores the image data and associated scanner identifying information. Such a function may be necessary when the RMP is having difficulty in transmitting information because the customer phone is in use when the CIM utilized is the conventional telephone network. All calls that come to the RDUs during the answer window, whether from the UDP or a third party, are detected through ring detection circuitry, which then prevents the telephone from ringing inside the customer premises.

Year of fee payment: In operation, the utility company computer 28 places a call over telephone line 26 to the telephone company central office 16 which in turn uses telephone company wide band link access 18 to gain access to wide band link Level converter comprises a conventional Linear Technologies LT voltage pump and associated circuitry for converting the voltage level of power signals supplied to converter from switch when switch permits such supply from a diove.

Also advantageously, as is discussed above, this embodiment includes hardware for automatically reading utility meters located at the customer premises and automatically transmitting data to and receiving data from a remote storage facility.

US6208266B1 – Remote data acquisition and processing system – Google Patents

In addition, the utility company can access such usage data from a particular customer premises or send data to the customer premises on demand. Next, the doide is sent from local call interface 48 B to telephone company central office 16 through inter-cellular connection 48 C. In addition, some conventional inbound systems are bi-directional, meaning that they allow the utility company to make readings on demand much like in a conventional outbound system.

The report files thus generated are then stored in the database Under most circumstances, innocent third part calls are permitted to pass through unimpeded.

In one preferred form of the optical devices,, motherboard and RF PC board are mounted within an elastomeric housingvia conventional means which attach the motherboard to the inner surface of the housing so dayasheet to be positioned within a generally cylindrical central portion of the housing The controller then commands the processor to spread spectrum baseband encode and transmit a data packet indicating that the optical imaging device of which the device is a part is going to begin broadcast.


A virtual connection is then made over wide bank link 20 to SFS A system according to claim 10wherein said mixer comprises a double balanced Gilbert mixer. The report times may be programmed into the RDUs at the time of installation or by the UDP during a communication therewith. A system according to claim 9wherein said transmission network also includes riode frequency up-converter mixer for mixing said output data signals and said output signals of oscillator, said mixer being adapted to be disabled when said select signal is in said condition indicative of reception mode and to be enabled when said select signal is in a condition indicative of transmission mode.

In addition, the system 1 is capable of being operated in a demand mode. A system according to claim 8wherein said transmission network includes a transmission amplifier network adapted to be disabled when said select signal is in said condition indicative of datasgeet mode and to be enabled when said select signal is in a condition indicative of transmission mode. When the utility company wishes to make a demand read, as has been previously described, the utility company computer 28 initiates a call by12 addresses RMP 12 and the particular meter 10 A, 10 B or 10 C to be read.

The wireless communications links may comprises spread-spectrum radio frequency links e. Preferably, this network takes the form of a wide area computer network, such as an Internet computer network, through which the controllers and the host processor exchange data via appropriate hardware and software e.

When switch is commanded to permit flow of power therethrough, this results in supply of activating power to the device via the level converter and subconnectorand more specifically, results in supply of power to the processornetworksGilbert mixers, frequency synthesizerVCOamplifierlow noise amplifiercontrollable switchpre-amplifierand transmission amplifier Microcontroller is programmed via appropriate program code contained in the program memory to determine based upon the calculated temperature adjacent the electronic components on the mother board and RF deviceand the drift in tuning calibration expected to result therefrom stored in the memory look-up table to command the controller to adjust the spread spectrum transmission and reception frequencies to which the device is tuned, by controlling the synthesizer to generate feedback control signals which cause the frequency of the signals output by the VCO to be appropriately adjusted, in order to ensure that the RF device is in fact tuned to transmit and receive at the nominal spread spectrum central frequency to which it is desired to be set e.

In each controller, controller preferably is programmed to put the remote management controller of which the controller is a part into reduced power consumption mode when, for example, no information is being transmitted or received from the host processoranother remote management controller, or optical imaging device. The frequency of the pulses generated by the second counter is equal to the frequency of the output signal from the VCO divided by the number of bits of the second counter.


The host computer processor accomplishes this by processing the image data using computer image processing techniques, such as optical character recognition techniques, to extract or generate from the image data the respective portions of the utility operation-related data.

Thus, by appropriately selecting the attenuation level provided to the enable signals by appropriately adjusting the resistor network, a user may select a desired amount of amplification to be applied to the spread spectrum signals by the transmit amplifier A virtual connection is then made through wide bank link 20 to SFS In this embodiment, each such respective report file may contain depending upon the desires of the respective utility company to which such report file is to be made available readings of all of the respective utility company’s meters made to date since the last generation of such readings by the systemin association with the respective utility company customers to whom billings are to be made for services consumed in this time period, and also in association with the respective portions of image data used to generate the respective readings.

Also shown in FIG. Accordingly, the present invention should be viewed broadly, as being limited only as set forth in the hereinafter appended Claims. Although the following Detailed Description will proceed with reference being made to specific embodiments of the present invention, it should be understood that the present invention is not intended to be limited to these embodiments. Mixer preferably is comprised within the same Motorola MCD chip comprising the low noise amplifierand receives as its down converter reference signal the output signal from the voltage controlled oscillator VCO comprised within PLL The CND function enables RMP 12 to detect when a particular call is the utility company seeking to access information rather than a third party placing a call to the customer.

In accordance with this embodiment of the present invention, the controller is programmed to store in the first and second counter registers of the synthesizerupon power-up of the devicescale factors sufficient to cause the lock frequency of the output signals of the VCO to be MHz.

Low power mode clock preferably comprises a Once the conditions under which the controller is programmed to enter sleep mode are again determined by the controller to be present, the controller then puts the remote controller of which the controller is a part into low power consumption mode in accordance with the aforesaid procedure.

System and method for creating multiple operating territories within a meter reading system. System comprises at least oneand preferably a plurality of meter imaging devices, dafasheet,removably, non-invasively mounted, in a manner that will be described in greater detail below, to the respective meter faces,of respective conventional machine-readable or non-machine-readable utility meters,at customer premises and The present invention relates generally to a distributed, information gathering and processing system, and more specifically, to such a system for remotely acquiring and processing data related to a phenomenon or phenomena being monitored by metering devices.

For example, gy126 may comprise a plurality of computer software modules e.

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