Editorial Reviews. About the Author. After a heroic attempt to be an English major forever, Captives of the Night (Scoundrels Book 2) – Kindle edition by Loretta Chase. Romance Kindle eBooks @ Captives of the Night, le livre audio de Loretta Chase à télécharger. Écoutez ce livre audio gratuitement avec l’offre d’essai. Such is Loretta Chase’s Captives of the Night, where an interesting mystery, two fascinating protagonists, complex interrelationships and.

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Captives of the Night Livre audio | Loretta Chase |

I mean questioning the suspects. Chsse discovered, after reading Lord of Scoundrelsthat it was part of a series, and there were two books which came before it. Esmond, with a carefully hidden identity that would shock Leila to the core and Leila with her own secrets to keep Why I have captves explain myself?

Leila had long ago given up on the idea of love and saw her husband as a loreta of propriety in London, but now she finds the dangerous Esmond’s seductive charm nearly irresistible. Selain itu saat membaca novel ini saya serasa baca HR rasa film Bombay India. She is just one step away from being thrown out on the streets and facing a very bleak future. My favorite Chase book ever!

All immoral behavior was brushed off in a far too casual and accepting way, with nearly everyone making excuses for everyone else. Not only was I bored for the longest periods, I found myself baulking at how certain things were handled and how much attitudes have changed in twenty years.

Captives of the Night (Scoundrels, book 2) by Loretta Chase

Oh no, my husband’s been murdered! They become partners and investigate nasty chas hubby’s murder and soon their passions for each other collide. In Captives of the Nightthe heroine is the first one to be suspected of her husband’s murder, but of course we know that she cannot be the guilty party.


Where is LC’s quicksilver wit and spot-on prose? Walaupun terjemahannya lebih baik dari sebelumnya, cuma membantu sedikit dari pusing karena kebanyakan tokoh-tokoh yg muncul di novel ini dan beberapa muncul lagi dari novel The Lion’s Daughter. Where are you from? I didn’t expect to like the hero since he was horrible in the first book.

Captives of the Night

Not everyone finds and marries the love of their live at seventeen and spend the rest of their lives together. Their marriage is not a peaceful one, however, which is why Leila is the prime suspect when Francis turns up dead.

I had to buy LOS on ebook. What a great way to start the morning. Aug 29, Carolyn rated it it was amazing Shelves: Esmond can’t afford the distraction of an entanglement, however passionate it promises to be. If it was said by loretfa characters I would understand – at that time British people treated everything non-British as simply ‘barbarian’.

I will certainly not hesitate in downloading anything this talented pair have collaborated on. Her voices are SO good The story of Leila Beaumont, unhappily married artist whose husband is murdered and she becomes the main suspect, and Comte D’Esmond, the investigator sent to solve the mystery of his death. One of his missions was to dismantle Leila’s husband’s criminal empire and see him punished. Leila is a great character – she refuses to allow people to feel bad for her despite Francis being a terrible husband and all around scumbag.


Of course, she can’t help but be tempted by the spy o to help her, Comte d’Esmond. Only thing I did not like about this book was: Also the timeline is a bit confusing.

Although Looretta have some serious reservations at this point, I will in all likelihood read the final book, The Last Hellionat some point just for the sake of completeness. In fact, you can start with 3 which is the most loved book by this author with the confidence of knowing that you don’t have to read this book or the one preceding it because they have nothing to do whatsoever with it. End of the story?

The man they call on – the sexy blue-eyed Comte d’Esmond – is a man of many talents who has spent the past ten years as one of the government’s most capives covert operatives; a man who also has a dark and treacherous past. While I did see a few faint glimmers of the writing style from Lord of Scoundrelsneither book, and Captives of the Night in particular, lived up to it’s superior standard in my opinion. Their story is an interesting and angst-filled roller coaster, so that their HEA feels completely deserved.

Feb 14, Wendy rated it it was amazing.