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Leitura, texto e hipertexto. AmazonGlobal Ship Orders Internationally. So, this comparison gives us the impression that Campari is so provocative that there is no varla to avoid it. This difference was caused by the answer of a student who, actually, did not give an answer vjana could be considered inadequate, but was not considered satisfactory, as he only carlx vaguely the first part of the question. Question 6 – What is the relationship between “He provokes” and the picture of the apple?

Spaces, Worlds, and Grammar. For this student the apple plays two roles: As we can see in the following answers, one of the students simply described the advertisement Suj45Cand the others did not present the existence of different mental spaces clearly enough nor the relationship among them.

We do not deny, however, that it is a plausible and creative answer that shows us the plurality of meanings our mental mechanisms allow us to build. It is not the time of the creation of the universe, but modern times in which the human being has already been created, expelled from Paradise, and has covered a long historical and evolutionary line.

The high number of adequate responses to this question shows that the students could build connections among the elements in the text, revealing that they deal with compressions and decompressions during text comprehension. Write a customer review. Aspects of Meaning Construction in Natural Language. No one is expelled from Paradise; on the contrary, they are included in it and in all the universe of pleasure that results from this inclusion.

This happens to emphasize the word “he”, reinforcing the idea of a special product already in the sentence “only he is like this”.

Carla Viana Coscarelli –

Those answers show how students integrated the mental spaces activated. Despite not mentioning explicitly the theme, which was the aim of this question, these answers, as well as the answers given by most of the students, demonstrate their ability to activate and articulate different mental spaces.


In Portuguese, “ele” he is used either for humans and objects, enabling this polysemy. Alexa Actionable Analytics coscagelli the Web. The answers given by students that read the text in the coscareelli format also show that they have established the analogies indicated in the advertisement, as we can see in the following answers:.

The text chosen for this experiment was an advertisement of Campari See Figure 1published in a Brazilian national magazine. In comprehending this advertisement, these two domains are integrated in a third one in which features of the serpent, the apple and Campari are compressed in only one element.


The idea of comparison can be found in many of the answers given to this question, and is explicitly presented in the answers by means of expressions such as: He makes an inversion of the expected roles. Considering that, we made a quantitative analysis of the answers given by the students to each of the questions proposed by the experiment in order to check whether this data reinforced the quantitative analysis.

As far as Suj46C is concerned, although his answer was not considered adequate, since it is not a sufficient explanation of the advertisement, it can be noticed that he makes an association between apple, temptation and Campari. This answer shows the construction of a complex causal relationship. Suj44C, for example, did not mention the Bible, its characters and facts, in any of his answers, but some of the answers questions 1,2,6 and 7 signal that he had made the connection between the apple and the drink, and inferred the consequences of this connection.

Journal of Experimental Psychology, v. We can’t find three elements in the answers, that coscatelli, there are not the figures of the agent of the temptation, the seduced one “victim” and the object of desire. It was expected that the students recovered the information available in the text, which would establish the correlation between apple and sin and between serpent and temptation Apple is sin, Serpent is temptation.


Among the mental spaces created and articulated there are other relations that need to be detected, as the relations of identity, time and space. Discover Prime Book Box for Kids. Journal of Semantics, v. They read the text on the computer screen and typed their answers into specific pages in the computer.

In this paper we present one of the experiments made in order to verify the influence of the presentation format in reading comprehension. We are going to comment, however, on two answers considered inadequate: For the continuous format, all and the same information presented by the links at the hypertextual format was transformed into a continuous and articulated continuous text below the image of the ad Appendix 2.

The reader should notice that some inferences are not adequate or expected, i. Discourse ability and brain damage. They were cala to answer eight questions about the text after reading it.

Those answers show us how the verbal and non-verbal resources present in the text activate elements of the frames used in the mental spaces, and help emerge other elements and possible relationships within this context.

The answer given by Suj46C is one example of changes that need to be noticed in this advertisement. This answer presents more details about the rational that justifies the answer given by Suj21H, explaining that Campari coscareli not need to be offered because it is itself provocative.

In those answers, the students understand Campari as blending different elements of the text, which makes it unique for compressing different features of those elements. Other answers given by this subject to other questions show more clearly the mental spaces that he activated and the connections he established among them, as for instance, in his answer to question 2: This is a very rich text as far as its interpretative possibilities are concerned, and this is one of the reasons why it was selected to be part of this research.