X / X X / X / X X / X 1. INTRODUCTION. This guide has been prepared for the operator of Carrier Transicold. Carrier Refrigeration Operation – Imprimй en France . XARIOS STARTING WITH SERIAL NUMBER PB XARIOS Agent for Zepro, Tail lifts, Del Tail lifts and Carrier refrigeration Systems for vans, XARIOS Carrier-XariosLCVjpg Carrier-Xarios

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Primary transformer fuses 4. I have a problem with my Carrier Xarios In certain cases, the human body can have enough static electricity to cause resultant damage to the components by touch. xariis

Medical conditions aggravated by exposure to this material include heart disease or compromised heart function. The indicator lights up red in the event of a malfunction. Wait five minutes to see if vacuum holds. Pressure switch cut-in points are shown in sections 2. TXV bulb clamp 3. Xqrios new coil over enclosing tube and then install voltage plate and snap cap.

Vacuum pump connection 1. The transfer of heat from the air to the low temperature liquid refrigerant causes the liquid to vaporize.



It is closed in defrost and heating mode to increase the capacity. Replacing expansion valve 1.

Check valve optional Standby discharge check valve When the pressure decreases at 17 bars the fan cadrier off. Close valve on cylinder and open bleed-off valve.

The display also includes settings for defrost operation DF. This information appears on the coil voltage plate and the coil housing. Place refrigerant cylinder on scale and note weight.

Raise system pressure to approximately 2 xaeios. Evacuate unit to microns. Land farming and processing through sewage treatment facilities may be available disposal options but necessary approvals must first be obtained from appropriate regulatory authorities. Start-up and control of box temperature D On the power network: This area must be clean to ensure positive bulb contact.

Refrigeration Unit CARRIER Xarios 150 (12V ; R-404a) ; NEW

This not only 105 the possibility of ESD damage, but also lowers the possibility of physical damage to the electronic components. Open pressure on gauge. Defrost valve HGS1 4. Refrigerant will accumulate in the receiver and liquid of the refrigerant cylinder will be succed by the compressor.

Remember that hoses and copper tube can be hot points when the unit is functionning.



Service operations are to be carried out according to the following schedule. Evacuate enclosed spaces and disperse gas with floor-level forced-air ventilation. Replacing high pressure cutout switch 1.

Open circuit detected hot gas valve HGS2. During the starting mode, the motor speed increases continuously from 0 to rpm in 30 seconds for 12V unit and 12 seconds for 24V unit.

The condenser fan circulates surrounding air over the outside of the condenser tubes. Shut off the pump and check to see if the vacuum holds.

The recycled cardboard cartons create much more fiber dust during transport than “new” cartons. I’m sorry but the model is Xarios and the only circuit pattern that I have found is here trasportiatp. Flammable limits – LEL: To activate, use the link in the E-mail that we have sent to you.