Familia: Ariidae Genus: Cathorops Species: Cathorops melanopus. Name[edit]. Cathorops melanopus (Günther, ). Cat-eLog Data Sheet. Scientific Name, Cathorops melanopus (Günther, ). Common Name, Dark Sea Catfish. Type Locality, Río Motagua. Kingdom: Animalia. Taxonomic Rank: Species. Synonym(s). Common Name(s): dark sea catfish [English]. bagre prieto [Spanish]. Taxonomic Status.

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Soft pectoral-fin rays Maxillary barbel dark, mental barbels lighter, fins dark beige. Lips wide, lower lip thicker than upper lip.

Cathorops melanopus – Wikispecies

Proceedings of the Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia, Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution, 45 1: The dorsomedian groove of neurocranium referred herein is formed by mesial depression of the frontals and extends posteriorly to the anterior portion of supraoccipital. Cathorops melanopus is further distinguished from C. Premaxilla wider catgorops males than in females Fig. USNM12 5, Cathorops higuchii additionally differs from C. Body with same dark brown color, progressively lighter towards lateral line and rather light beige under lateral line.


Cathorops melanopus

One pair of oval shaped accessory tooth plates of moderate size, distant from one another. The marine fishes of Panama.

Miller; USNM3, Cathorops higuchii can be distinguished from all congeners by having gill rakers on first arch vs. Hildebrand; UF1, The University of Chicago Press, Chicago, p. Cathorops belizensis also differs from C. One pair of accessory tooth plates, elongated and narrow, quite small and distant from each other. Food and Agriculture Organisation, Rome. Premaxilla quite narrow and moderately long. Head and anterior portion of body longer in males than in females, as evidenced by greater distances from tip of snout to dorsal- pelvic- and adipose-fin origins.

Interorbital distance long, distance between nostrils and orbit moderate.

Cathorops kailolae is distinguished from C. Dorsal and lateral portions of head dark, ventrally light beige. Mouth relatively small, lower jaw arched.

Kailola’s Sea Catfish or bagre de Kailola. Pectoral-fin and dorsal-fin spines, pelvic fin, and upper lobe of caudal fin longer in females than in males. Key to the species of Cathorops from the Mesoamerica and Caribbean Sea. The Australian Museum Magazine, 7: Premaxilla quite narrow and long.


Cathorops melanopus, Dark sea catfish

Caudal peduncle relatively low. Mouth broad, lower jaw arched. Eye lateral and small.

One pair of small, narrow and elongated accessory tooth plates, quite distant from one another. Cathorops Cathorops hypophthalmus Scientific classification Kingdom: Views Read Edit View history. Dentary in females with longer posterior projection and larger and with more molariform teeth on its posterior portion than males Fig.

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