Claritas Prizm NE Marketing Segmentation Research Solutions. Market Segment Research, Segmentation Research Tools, Consumer Segments, Consumer. It was developed by Claritas. PRIZM stands for Potential Rating Index for Zip Markets, and is built around geographic neighborhood data obtained through the . Claritas®/Prizm®NE Segment Young Digerati, Young Digerati – Young Digerati are tech-savvy and live in fashionable neighborhoods on the urban.

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Many are high school-educated seniors who held blue-collar jobs before their retirement. Second City Elite — There’s money to be found in the nation’s smaller cities, and you’re most likely to find it in Second City Elite.

Exploring Your Own Market, Part 2 | GEOG B: Location Intelligence for Business

Most residents claritxs over claritaw years old, but they show no interest in a rest-home retirement. In these stable neighborhoods graced with backyard pools and patios–a large proportion of homes were built in the s and s–residents work as white-collar managers and professionals, and are now at the top of their careers. Widely scattered throughout the nation, the five segments in the Landed Gentry social group consist of wealthy Americans who migrated to the smaller boomtowns beyond the nation’s beltways.

Blue Highways — Claritaa maps, Blue Highways are often two-lane roads that wind through remote stretches of the American landscape. Filled with younger, mostly single adults and couples just starting out on their career paths in service jobs.

The six segments in Middle America are filled with lower-middle-class homeowners living in small towns and remote exurbs.

These couples enjoy outdoor activities, hunting, and going out to eat but are not likely to be up-to-date on technology. Typically found in scenic clarits throughout the nation’s heartland, Middle Americans tend to be white, high school educated, living as couples or larger families, and ranging in age from under 25 to over These younger singles and couples typically rent apartments and homes.


Claritas PRIZM

Surrounding their homes are the signs of upscale living: They live in suburban neighbors and are made up of to year-old couples with large families. Mobility Blues — Mobility Blues is a segment of middle-age singles in working-class neighborhoods in America’s satellite cities. Made up of over singles and married couples living in older suburban and second city homes. They are college educated, younger couples who settled in the nation’s satellite cities and suburbs.

Due Wednesday night Their streets feature new fast-food restaurants, and locals have recently celebrated the arrival of chains like Walmart, Radio Shack, and Payless Shoes. Residents of Upward Bound clarigas to be kid obsessed, with heavy purchases of computers, action figures, dolls, board games, bicycles, and camping equipment.

This segment leads busy, active lives often centered around the schedules and interests of their children. Boomtown Singles — Affordable housing, abundant entry-level jobs, and a thriving singles scene–all have given rise to the Boomtown Singles segment in fast-growing satellite cities.

In their funky row houses and apartments, Bohemian Mixers are the early adopters who are quick to check out the latest movie, nightclub, laptop, and microbrew.

Claritas PRIZM Segments

Greenbelt Sports — A segment of upscale exurban couples, Greenbelt Sports is known for its active lifestyle. Older, emptying-nesting, college-educated, the members of this segment are often among the leading citizens of their small-town communities. With more clagitas half holding college degrees, Second City Elite residents enjoy cultural activities–from reading books to attending theater and dance productions. Friday nights are for celebrating high school sports.


You’ll maximize every marketing dollar by pinpointing only those customers and prospects who represent profitable and sustainable opportunities. With a population of retired seniors, residents claritss high-school educated, with modest housing, and live small-town lifestyles.

If you looked at segments at the tract or block group level, were your results more accurate? Executive Suites — Executive Suites consists of upper-middle-class singles and couples typically living just beyond the nation’s beltways. Extra-mile experts Dedicated clarias scientists with decades in the field. Your addendum needn’t be more than paragraphs and should include:. Many are influential in their communities, social networks, and clsritas extremely tech savvy.

This segment has solid white-collar jobs and good educations. These residents are hard-working and enjoy traveling. Strewn among remote farm communities across the nation, these residents live in older, modest-sized homes.

In addition, they have above average technology usage. In these multilingual neighborhoods, middle-aged immigrants and their children live in upper-middle-class comfort. Claritaw segment located in downtown neighborhoods and are more likely to be renters than other households in their age cohort. Park Bench Seniors are typically retired singles living in the neighborhoods of the nation’s satellite cities. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed.

Old Milltowns — America’s once-thriving mining and manufacturing towns have aged–as have the residents in Old Milltowns communities.

They are more often renters, clarittas in suburban neighborhoods and second cities.