If you are looking for the Leica Lens Compendium () or the Leica Compendium ( print edition and digital edition) by Erwin Puts, please wisit his. Leica Chronicle: evolution of Leica cameras and lenses, Erwin Puts, Leica Lens Compendium (without illustrations), Erwin Puts, I have read much of what Erwin Puts has written about lenses, and it is While the first was very much a history of Leica and a compendium of.

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Walter – Legendary Leica lens designer. Leica tried to break out of the mono-culture of the coupled rangefinder camera, first with the R-series and later with a range of compact cameras compehdium compact digital cameras, based on a cooperation with several companies.

Summicron I [Lens design by Dr. This 2X extender will blur your shots to some degree.

Now I have put in a deposit for this one too, thanks to Rick’s informative post. APO stands for “apochromatically corrected” lenses. Extender-R X2 exist as 1-cam or, 3-cam for use with Leica R lehs of 50mm focal length and longer and for lens speeds from f2.

The new M accepts a new device, the 6-bit-coded R-Adapter to allow the cmopendium of R-lenses and one of the requirements for the sensor design was specifically to allow the use of R-lenses form 15 – mm. Densitometer measurements however show that the tonal differences between two steps in the grey scale are limited to about a hundred.

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True, but the numbers sold will be good for a small company, but not for a big one. There are many guesses how this name came about, a popular one being that the “summi” came from ” summit ” summit means the highest point of leifa hill or mountain; the highest attainable level of achievement while the “cron” came from “chroma” ie.


The compacts are a different chapter, because they are coming from the Panasonic product lines. In the past any M6 would command a substantial amount of money because it was a Leica camera that was locked into the evolutionary cycle of Leica cameras. The menu structure has been rethought too and aligns itself closer to the S-design: Do the same with a mechanical camera, add film costs, chemicals and so on and note the price per picture.

Some commentators assume that the quality control is not as good as it was in the past, but that is not true. No problem when you use only one marque and a fine adjsutment to suit ccompendium personal requirements is always necessary. Leica 6-bit coding for Leica M lenses.

CollectiBlend: Library: Leica lens compendium by Erwin Puts

They may hope so, but the alacrity with which such remarks are transferred into facts is not up to the standards of serious journalism. Noctilux-M [Lens design by Dr. The insecurity that the future brings produces a sense of insecurity and foot-looseness that backfires to the Leica products. Current Leica images, made with lleica digital Leica camera are often critically sharp, very confronting and often close-ups of socially marginalized people.

Download the old version of Leica Lens Compendium by Erwin Puts for free

The best reviews ever written in my opinion are still the reports by Geoffrey Crawley whose books about the Egwin F and Canon F-1 systems are required reading for everyone who aspires to undertake a serious equipment report. Photography as a medium has been characterized as a mirror with a memory and if you look at the social media, this is exactly for what it is used today.


The main question for the future is: The wet darkroom pkts is much simpler: Televit rapid-focus device from Leitz that was made from throughin both R and Visoflex. Rick I’m not sure that you lenss understand how these forums work. The list of features that have been omitted no frame selector lever, no JPEG, no video, no monitor is larger than the list of features that have been added compared to the M new materials for body parts.

And when the camera designers stop cramming loads of useless features in the body a modern high-end dSLR has more bulk than a classical Hasselblad! The merging of classic technology comepndium the best standard lens modern optical design can provide, is quite productive and it shows how complex the digital workflow is when you go all the way from exposure to inkjet printing with Piezography.

This is the first time that a non-photographic company has made such a revolutionary design.

Volkswagen has its platform strategy, Ikea only uses three types of screws for all its products, ,ens has a small range of products with a reduction of options. Digital cameras changed elica this and killed in fact that basic intrinsic experience of film-based photography.

It is really a pity that Leica abandoned the M8 as soon as they could. Elcan-R is also the name of s series of lenses made in the ies and early ies, as the U.