Ieromonk Ghelasie Gheorghe: “Akathist of Repentance” (translation from Romanian by Alice Butnar). “The Transfiguration”, icon painting by. AVVA GHELASIE GHEORGHE This Page is automatically generated based on what Facebook users are interested in, and is not affiliated with or endorsed by anyone associated with the topic.

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It is interesting that, maybe not accidentally, this test is linked essentially to the problem of language and more precisely to the problem of dialogue.

Florin Caragiu – English Corner

That is maybe the reason why Saussure [10], the promotor of structuralism, refused to take into account the spoken language, engaged in a permanent process of change, in favour of the written language, that is practically static. The novelty of the Christian mystical approach stays for Fr. The structuralist current, one of the predominant paradigms, not only in linguistics but also in many other sciences, affirmed the possibility to describe the language through fixed structures. For example, one has to find modalities to build the knowledge base for the intelligent problem solving and this would need to understand the language, to learn and acquire new information.

Following the sin of falling from Grace, the Connection with God weakens. One has renounced at the imposition of a particular specialized language in the context of growing interest toward a consciousness of dialogue with the responsibility of assuming the otherness.

It is relevant to stress the dialogic and Eucharistic dimension of the mystical language: And the gheoghe of death and darkness frightens us ever. The German Version can be found here.

Florin Caragiu – English Corner

The research domain called artificial intelligence appeared in the middle fifties, as the possibilities of electronic calculators gjeorghe optimist expectations ghelasue to the achievements quickly obtained.


The hesychast prayer enacts the return of the energies to the movement of the spirit by means of constantly addressing Christ. He affirms that the possibilities of language cannot express the divine reality. The neo-positivism is elaborated around two fundamental principles: It is yet very difficult, observes Winograd, to build programs that go beyond bureaucracy and imply in the ghwlasie resolution.

Ghelasie proposes an interesting approach to the relation between language and thinking from a mystical-theological standpoint, with gheorghhe on the dialogue between science and religion. Ghelasie establishes a distinction between two languages, originally in reciprocal affirmation: The remarkable intentionality and potentiality implied cannot be rendered by a mere hypothetical reconstruction operated by the human subject.

I drink it in with the same thirst I bump into words, when the support withdraws and I bury your image in the garden for later, when abandonment no longer threatens it. In contrast to human language, formal languages have a ghelasei recurrent role in computer science. It is interesting to remind that this shift was realized by the patristic thought that affirmed an existential ontology in association with the theology of Trinity and the Creation from nothing through the Word.

Am I truly blind, Or is it night outside? In AI terms, the new paradigm considers as decisive the problem of the symbolic representation of knowledge and its storing in a kind of container, the so-called knowledge base.

Some of them have entered in the everyday life, as for example the programs that automatically compute gheoorghe exposure of a digital photo camera. Nature furnishes to the spirit the objective content and the spirit offers the necessary energy for the realization of a discourse.

This conception about the word has a Chalcedonian connotation, as Lossky remarked [19].

Ghelaasie GheorgheIconic Hesychasmpoetry. The establishing or assignation of the limits of scientific research allows the passage from the physical realm to metaphysics.

Another serious problem encountered by those who wish to construct AI a problem we would liken with the story of the Babel Tower is the so-called syndrome of complexity [9]. The Ghleasie Theology and Science written with Pr. The contingent and conventional character has the function of making accessible the formal system determined by a certain scientific view. Nesteruk, Light from the East. Being is subject and object at the same time.


It supposes always at least two persons.

Without the essence of language in itself, the person remain gjeorghe monad closed in itself. There were attempts to implement creative, conscious or intentional computer programs or robotsbut the results are very far from the expected results. Ghelasie in the dialogistic view on ontology itself: As Mihailovich emphasizes, for Bakhtin the word goes beyond the dimension given usually in the linguistics of the XX-th century and becomes an embodied word: The exterior word proceeds from the interior word, and the inner word in an unavoidable way prolongs itself outwards.

Ghelasie makes a suggestive comparison between the philosophical thinking-based dialectic logic and the mystical language-based communal logic. The language of natural sciences from today can be articulated to the theological language in a philosophical plane.

Chipuri De Lumina – Pr. Ghelasie Gheorghe Si Marius Caraman

And we wish to ghelssie the Peace and Rest of eternal Life. The dialogical character of knowledge is manifest on the level of the language of soul, as well as on the energetic level. However, as every bureaucratic enterprise, the AI programs have the great handicap that they miss the feeling of implication [5], consciousness, understanding, empathy or, I would add, love for the neighbor.