GURPS Character Sheet (GCS) is a stand-alone, interactive, character sheet editor that allows you to build characters for the GURPS 4th Edition roleplaying. 0. Name. Player. Point Total ______ 0. Ht ______ Wt ______ Size Modifier ______. Age ______ Unspent Pts ______. Appearance. CHARACTER SHEET. None (0)= BL: Light (1)= BL x 2: Med (2)= BL x 3: Hvy (3)= BL x 6: X-Hvy (4)= BL x BM x 1: BM x BM x BM x BM x Dodge: Dodge

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Preparation Required has an “Immediate” version.

GURPS Character Sheet

This template is good for those looking to play an “underdog” without actually sacrificing survivability. April 14, Also available for individual download. The instructions above work for Firefox; using Chrome I just had to set caracter margins to ‘minimum’ and layout to ‘landscape’ the printout was in black-and-white, though.

First, you can gutps a different character into each card using the JCSP menus, but if you refresh the page, all four will reset to whichever character you modified most recently.

Hit Points can represent a lot more shdet just weight, and Strength is often a better gauge of mass and bulk. So load and print, using the browser print function. Unlike the other house rules, this will load as a separate page — it’s too long to do inline. This file reproduces my Fourth Edition conversions of all of Traveller’s major races.


Character sheet | GURPS Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

You can create customized traits, skills, and equipment. All of the notes and characters for a convention game I ran at Orccon And, with this rule in place, it then makes sense to allow a Power Block roll instead of the normal IQ roll to try to double the defensive effects of this ability.

It is versatile and quite customizable, even if the syntax does take some practice. No similar apps have been recommended yet. Retired House Rules Several of my house rules have been retired due either to them being incorporated as official rules or to new rules which solve the same problem in an acceptable way. Give me a few days; I don’t check this email address frequently.

This bodes well for all.

GURPS 4th edition, my layout. It means that the system is being constantly improved as it grows. This rewrite gives sgeet fair point break while preventing the worst instances of abuse.

It’s rather self-explanatory, except when you’re trying to use premade templates.

This package does a good job at that, if I do say so myself: Cleric, Fighter, Thief, and Wizard from this post. Also, there may be a valid in-game reason to intentionally give an NPC sheft different language, but if so, that automatically becomes a plot point — players should think, “Huh, that’s interesting that he speaks Lakota guros I’ll have to make a note of that,” not, “Damn, that lying GM never told us that we had to learn Lakota, too!


It also features a few traits Unusual Backgrounds, Secret Psiand Patron Psionic Institute to facilitate the creation of a psionic character. First, I simply fill in some of the details at the top of the sheet: September 20, Updated: Click on the rule if you want to know the details, or the rationale behind it. With the rules tweaks and judgment calls on this page, I think it’s pretty close to a perfect fit. If you have questions or feedback, please send me an email.

I created these for two reasons.

Character sheet

Extremely simplified collection of GM info for running streamlined games. Even with a mere Charisma 1, the Enthrallment skills act as an easy Charm Person. Some years ago I wrote some software to generate random names for characters belonging to some fantasy cultures: This package does a good job at that, if I do say so myself:.