gempa. Oleh karena itu dapat dikatakan, Indonesia selalu berhadapan dengan ancaman goncangan akibat pergerakan lempeng tektonik. sumber gempa juga. Akibat pergerakan relatif antar lempeng tektonik di Indonesia dan aktivitas sesar-sesar regional maupun lokal ribuan gempa terjadi setiap. Abstrak. Selang sepertiga abad terakhir, Sulawesi yang dikelilingi lempeng tektonik kecil dan besar, telah terkena kali gempa bumi ber-magnitude di atas.

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The vast majority people living in Mataram work on non-agricultural sector. Third, the group of children and elderly may have difficulty and need assistance during the disaster event Clark et al. Watesan husus saperti selenology nalungtik moonareology keur Marsjst. BNPB terdiri atas kepala, unsur pengarah penanggulangan bencana, dan unsur pelaksana penanggulangan bencana.

The principle of cross-cutting relationships pertains to the formation of faults and the age of the sequences through which they cut. The district is now emerging as a result of rapid growth of property development.

Second, Sekarbela district is less vulnerable compared to several other districts although this district is located in the coastline. It found out that the earthquakes with magnitude above 5. In this method, the district which has the highset population for each variable will have a score of 1.

Unplanned land use is likely to determine the high level of physical vulnerability for this district. Berdasarkan tempat terbentuknya magma beku. The socioeconomic condition as a result of the concentration of population also escalates the degree of vulnerability. They were independently anticipated by William Smith’s stratigraphic studies on England and Scotland.


Dari Wikipedia bahasa Indonesia, ensiklopedia bebas. The level of vulnerability in this project is basically a composite index which combines physical, social and economic aspect Equation 1. Previous studies throughout the globe consider that the vulnerability to disaster is not only composed by physical aspects but also socioeconomic aspects, such as Clark et al. There are two types of lithosphere:.

After each score of economic vulnerability was calculated, the score was then attributed to the administrative map. All vector data were converted into raster data and were then reclassified following the classes as presented in Table 5. Strength and Structure of the Earth.


However, these studies and initiatives have not addressed the degree of vulnerability for each district in Mataram in terms of physical and socioeconomic conditions. Assessing tsunami vulnerability, an example from Herakleio, Crete. This means that a future investigation should be made in Ampenan District to investigate the tekgonik socioeconomic activity in this district. Batuan pembentuk kulit Bumi selalu mengalami siklus atau daur, yaitu batuan mengalami perubahan wujud dari magma, batuan beku, batuan sedimen, batuan malihan, dan kembali lagi menjadi magma.


As a result, oceanic lithosphere is much younger than continental lithosphere: The finding for this inundation model suggests that tsunami is possible to happen with lepeng minimal height of 0. Local Government of Mataram.

Satelit ESA Temukan Sisa-sisa Benua yang Hilang di Bawah Antartika

In terms of other statistical characteristics, Table 13 clearly reveals that Ampenan is the district that achieved the highest mean value for TVI whereas the lowest mean value is achieved by Mataram Districts.

Vulnerability to environmental hazards. The implication of this project is to propose an integrated disaster management in Mataram City. The risk management should be integrated in urban planning frameworks.

Penelitian ini bertujuan mengidentifikasikan lokasi paling rentan terhadap resiko bencana tsunami di Kota Mataram dengan menggunakan analisa sistem informasi geografis GIS. Pengamatan ini mengarah kembali pada pecahnya benua super Gondwana dan hubungan Antartika dengan benua sekitarnya,” ujar Ebbing lagi. Further, the recent model by the Alfred Wegener Institute has produced a map of the level of destruction based on tsunami propagation wave Rakowsky et al.

GIS mapping of tsunami vulnerability: Badan yang didirikan pada 20 Agustus ini berfokus pada kondisi situasi perang pasca kemerdekaan Indonesia.