***SOLVED*** This is probably a very basic and stupid question. I have an image that I want to open another window(tab) when clicking on it. free, third party, open-source. ยท Accordion Menu Plugin This xml-only plugin provides an easy and simple way for adding a accordion menu. Open Plugin panel and click ” Save”. When Explorer window open, specify path to save “add_hotspot/” When you re-open tour plugin panel will .

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On mobile opem, slide your finger up and down to adjust the volume. Press and move mouse in the pressed state to the left zoom out or to the right zoom in.

Radar Plugin The radar plugin shows the current viewing cone. Bottom Menu Plugin It’s very simple to create your own bottom menu. Done Verify if the folder was added correctly and the ‘green check’ is still shown at the ‘Always allow’ option and at the added folder. When trying to open urls, e.

In tab on “image: Image icon – Krpanoo on the icon to open the explorer to select the image hotspot. In tab on “image: Button “Save list” saves a list of references to a file List of external links. The value “prop” is proportional. As you enter, press ” Enter”.


Creating Hotspots krpano

Plugins Included free plugins: Hovering the cursor opens a panel with a slider to adjust the volume. Poen image is large, create a smaller copy for mobile version, click on mobile image: Creating a list of url links to specific places on the tour. Create and configure hotspot. Activate krpanoo tab by clicking Open photo.

Customizable and easy to use. Spreading the panel across the width, additional buttons will appear.: It is possible to smoothly adjust sound by moving slider or rotating mouse wheel. If you now find the.

Plugins for the krpano Panorama Viewer

Plugin is provided “As Is” without warranty of any kind, either express or implied, including any warranty of quality, merchantability, or fitness for a particular purpose. I will send to this address a link to download the archive with the files of Hotspot editor within one day. String Plugin This plugin provides a number of string manipulation methods. Create a video hotspot.

Storing of the created tours with this plugin is also provided. In this case, hotspot is a reference point of the created view and it becomes invisible when edit mode is disabled or panel is minimized. Speed – changing speed of main parameters from kdpano to Assign hotspots to open URL links in a new window, in the current window, in frame.


Test the plug-in by this link. Activate the tab, set desired view and angle in scene, set name to krpaano view, create a hotspot in this location.

Farther the mouse is moved away from click locationwhen faster parameter changes. Example of creating a video hot spot. Editable hotspot is moved with mouse and jrpano coordinates are immediately displayed on corresponding buttons.

Clicking the button opens the color and transparency editing kpano. There are three ways to open a link: In this case, hotspot is a reference point of the created view and it becomes invisible when edit mode is disabled or panel is minimized.