Editorial Reviews. Review. Sellout “Brand” or just plain “Bland”? In Lovemarks, advertising giant Saatchi & Saatchi CEO Kevin Roberts delves. Lovemarks – The Future Beyond Brands. The Constancy of Human Nature We have an extraordinary opportunity to make profound new emotional connections . Lovemarks is a marketing concept that is intended to replace the idea of brands. The idea was Lovemarks: The Future Beyond Brands (Expanded ed.).

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Apr 22, Tyler Hakes rated it really liked it Shelves: Mar 14, Maya rated it it was amazing.

You feel pain when it is withdrawn. At the end of the advertisement, they start begging for pardon from each other, and the Cerveza Quilmes ‘ slogan is shown: This is beyobd our partners, our friends and our families touch us. To ask other readers questions about Lovemarksplease sign up.

The tools are blunt and measure the wrong things: But today these brands are just playing with table stakes. The book was recommended by some fellow photographers who practice the idea, so it was easier for me to draw parallels between the almost-abstract concepts and their real-life practice.

There is no way we can understand the world without experiencing it first through the radar of our five senses. I see Lovemarks wrapped in great stories and great metaphors.


Beyknd argues that without emotional ties to consumers, companies are often here today, gone tomorrow. I have to admit the I didn’t get very far in this book before giving up.

Lovemarks Campus

You make it when loyal users, heavy users, use your product all the time. May 03, Teri Temme rated it it was amazing. The very human quality of wanting-to-know–that’s what I believe can transform research and put it brandd where it belongs: We must instead fix on the fundamentals of human nature. I call them Lovemarks.

I suggest that connecting with people is something lovvemarks are not doing very well right now. The adage about love holds true: Sticky-note suggestions at the end of each chapter and case studies at the end of the book provided great closure to the concepts he was suggesting. We need to know what people feel. That’s why humor can break up log-jams in both personal relationships and in business.

After reading this book, I have a great deal of respect for Roberts and his idea. I felt the information was more sizzle than steak. Kevin Roberts says a lovemark needs three things: This book is about the marketer’s challenge of finding branvs that will last forever by uncovering timeless emotions like love.

I found all the text over graphics and images to be a major distraction in trying to take home the lessons about bran Of all the biz-themed books I’ve been reading this year, I have to admit that “Lovemarks” has done the least for me.


Lovemarks by Kevin Roberts

Want to Read saving…. Read is a strong word, though; it was part text and part art project. My contention is that what should not change is whatever we do that connects most powerfully with people. I recommend it to anyone interested in branding or marketing. And how did Apple evoke taste?

Future Beyond Brands – Kevin Roberts

I loved the idea of “lovemarks” and loyalty beyond reason. Kevin Duncan describes the concept in more traditional marketing terms, noting that there are “two axes,” one of which runs from low to high respect, and the other which runs from low to high love.

The Constancy of Human Nature We have an extraordinary opportunity to make profound new emotional connections with customers. Lovemarksexplains Roberts, command both respect and love. Roberts is futjre and everything in this book, from his writting style to design layout of each page, was well-thought out and captivating. I think if marketers adopted the lovemarking strategy the world would be a better place with happier consumers.